Conference Program

An International Conference organized by Social Research Center, University of Santo Tomas, Manila - Copenhagen Business School and The Kiel Institute for the World Economy to be held at University of  Santo Tomas Manila, Philippines on 18 - 19 November 2008

  Plenary Sessions Venue:  TARC Auditorium
Tuesday,  November 18
8:30 - 9:00Registration
9:00 - 9:05Philippine National Anthem Invocation
9:05 - 9:10Introductory Remarks: Alvin Ang, Director Social Research Center, University of Santo Tomas
9:10 - 9:20Welcome: Clarita D.L. Carillo, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Santo Tomas
9:20 - 9:30Response: Bjarne S. Jensen,  University of Southern Denmark/Copenhagen Business School
9:30 - 10:00Tea/Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:00  Keynote 1 — Regional Economic Integration in Asia
 Giovanni Capannelli, Asian Development Bank
 Keynote 2 — Regional Economic Integration and the (Re)distribution of FDI between Asymmetric Hosts 
 Denise Konan, University of Hawaii
 Chair: Alvin Ang
12:00 - 13:00Lunch
13:00 - 15:00Parallel Sessions 1-3
15:00 - 15:30Tea/Coffee Break
15:30 - 17:00Keynote 3 — Global Warming, Imputed Prices and Sustainable Development
 Hirofumi Uzawa, Research Institute of Capital Formation Development Bank of Japan, Tokyo
 Chair:  Bjarne S. Jensen
18:30 -   Conference Dinner – Faculty of Civil Law Lobby
Wednesday, November 19
9:00 - 10:30Plenary 1 — Agricultural Technology
 Improvement of Technical Efficiency in Rice Planting
 Imelda Revilla-Molina, International Rice Research Institute
 Biased Technological Change in Agriculture
 Rainer Klump, Goethe University Frankfurt
 Chair: Jaime Jimenez
10:30 - 10:45Tea/Coffee Break
10:45 - 12:15Parallel Sessions 4 - 6
12:15 - 13:15Lunch
13:15 - 14:45Parallel Sessions 7 - 9
14:45 - 16:15Plenary 2 — Stochastic Dynamics of Economic Growth, Trade and Finance Models
 A Stochastic Dynamic Model of Trade and Growth: Convergence and Diversification
 Partha Chatterjee, National University of Singapore
 Stochastic Growth Models in Continous Time
 Bjarne S. Jensen, University of Southern Denmark/Copenhagen Business School


Chair: Tapio Kalervo Palokangas

16:15 - 16:30Tea/Coffee Break
16:30 - 18:00Plenary 3 — The Global Financial Crisis
 Evelyn R. Santos, Deputy Director, Department of Economic Research, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
 Wick Veloso, Treasurer, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Manila Office
 Chair: Peter Lee U
 Closing:Bjarne Jensen
Fortunato Sevilla III, Assistant to the Rector for Research and Development University of Santo Tomas

Parallel Sessions


Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Venue: TARC Auditorium
Chair: Emmanuel Lopez

Tapio Kalervo PalokangasUniversity of HelsinkiEconomic Integration, Lobbying-by-Firms and Workers and Technological Change
Binyamin BerdugoBen Gurion University of the NegevHow Do Firing Costs Affect Innovation and Growth When Workers’ Ability Is Unknown
Henry van der WielNetherlands Bureau for Economic Policy AnalysisCross Your Border and Look Around
Yunfang HuTohoku UniversityOptimal Entry Restriction Program for New Industry


Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Venue: Seminar Room 3
Chair: Jan Pettersson

Jodylyn Quijano-ArsenioUniversity of Santo TomasFunctional Approach to Growth
Jan PetterssonStockholm UniversityTied-aid, Trade Facilitating-Aid or trade Diverting –Aid
Arti GroverDelhi School of EconomicsVertical FDI vs Outsourcing
Cyrus Paolo BuenafeHewlett Packard CompanyGravitating Away from a Common Market: Examining Trading Patterns in the EU


Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Venue: Seminar Room 4
Chair: Ma. Socorro Calara

Patricia HofmannUniversitat HohenheimGlobalization and Technical Progress
George VillasisUniversity of Santo TomasWhat Makes Network Effect
Alexandru VoicuCollege of Staten IslandAdding Rungs to the Exporting Ladder
Robin LouLa Trobe UniversityOwnership Structures, Exchange Rate Volatility and Exporting Firms Performance: Evidence from China



Parallel Session 4: TRADE THEORY
Time: 10:45 – 12:15
Venue: TARC Auditorium
Chair: Emily Therese Cremers

Abdol Samad NawiUniversiti Teknologi MaraInternational Trade and the Mark-up
Emily Therese CremersNational University of SingaporeTransfers, The Terms of Trade and Capital Accumulation
Tatsuyoshi MiyakoshiOsaka UniversityA Planner of Global Income Transfers: International Public Goods and Productivity Differentials


Time: 10:45 – 12:15
Venue: Seminar Room 3
Chair: Arlen A. Ancheta

Tomoko FujiiSingapore Management UniversityEnvironment and Resource Management Under Myopia
Lotfali Agheli KohnehshahriModares UniversityEstimating the Food Imports for Selected ASEAN Members
Linda RamckeChristian-Albrechts-University KielNew Empirical Evidence on the Impact of Trade and Economic Growth on the Environment


Parallel Session 6: AGGLOMERATION
Time: 10:45 – 12:15
Venue: Seminar Room 4
Chair: Nancy Eleria

Kurt Adolf HafnerIHF, MunichAgglomeration Economics
Sandrine NobletUniversiti de CorseUncertainty in Vertical Linked Industries: A NEG model
Mary Caroline CastanoUniversity of Santo TomasEfficiency Assessment of Medium and Large Enterprises in Clark Freeport


LUNCH BREAK: 12:15 – 13:15


Parallel Session 7: TRADE EMPIRICS
Time: 13:15 – 14:45
Venue: TARC Auditorium
Chair: Volker Nitsch

Volker NitschSwiss Economic InstituteGotcha! A Profile of Smuggling in International Trade
Chang Pao LiSingapore Management UniversityWTO Trade Effects
Edsel BejaAteneo de Manila UniversityThings are Different if You Open-up. Trade and Financial Openness and Income


Parallel Session 8: DYNAMIC MODELS
Time: 13:15 – 14:45
Venue: Seminar Room 3
Chair: Ernesto R. Gonzales

Desiree DesiertoUniversity of the PhilippinesThe Dynamics of Economic Integration
Lars Mikael JohanssonStockholm UniversityFiscal Implication of Emigration


Parallel Session 9: INSTITUTIONS
Time: 13:15 – 14:45
Venue: Seminar Room 4
Chair: Renato Reside Jr.

Renato Reside Jr.University of the PhilippinesGlobal Determinants of Stress and Risk in Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure
Jan PettersonStockholm UniversityUnbundling the Resource Curse