An International Conference

Rome, Italy, 23-24 June 2000


June 23, 2000


09.10-10.30 - Session 1

: Heckscher-Ohlin Theory, International Trade Models and Economic Growth

Chair: Giancarlo Gandolfo, CIDEI

Ronald W. Jones, University of Rochester: "Heckscher-Ohlin Models for the New Century"
Alan V. Deardoff, University of Michigan: "How Cones Evolve"

10.30-10.45 - Coffee break

10.45-12.05 - Session 2

Chair: Rainer Klump, University of Ulm

Peter Neary* and Dermot Leahy, Ecole Polytechnique and University College Dublin: "Robust Rules for Industrial Policy in Open Economies"
Maria Luisa Petit* and Francesca Sanna-Randaccio, University of Rome La Sapienza: "The Evolution of International Market Structure in a Dynamic Oligopoly with Trade and FDI"

12.05-13.20 - Lunch

13.20-15.00 - Session 3

Chair: Ronald W. Jones, University of Rochester

Oded Galor, Brown University and Hebrew University: "From Physical to Human Capital Accumulation: Inequality in the Process of Development"
Bjarne S. Jensen, Copenhagen Business School: "Endogenous General Equilibrium Prices and Persistent Growth in Neoclassical Two-Sector Growth Models"
Zhu Hongliang* and Huang Wenzao, Beijing University: "On the Economic Development with Time Delay"

15.05-16.15 - Session 4

Chair: J. Peter Neary, Ecole Polytechnique and University College Dublin

E. Kwan Choi, Iowa State University: "Neighbor – Immiserizing Growth: the Asian Crisis"
Massimo Di Matteo, University of Siena: "Capital Accumulation & Export: a North-South Trade Model"

16.15-16.30 - Coffee break

16.30-18.15 - Session 5

Chair: Giorgio Basevi, University of Bologna

Pasquale M. Sgro* and Bharat R. Hazari, School of Economics, Deakin University: "The Simple Analytics of Optimal Growth with Illegal Migrants"
Lucas Bretschger* and Frank Hettich, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitt Greifswald: "Globalisation, Capital Mobility and Tax Competition: Theory and Evidence for OECD Countries"
Giorgio Bellettini*, Giorgio Basevi and Carlotta Berti Ceroni, University of Bologna: "Schooling Time Decisions in Closed and Open Economies"

20.00-22.00 - Conference Dinner

22.00 - Tour

June 24, 2000

09.00-10.10 - Session 6:

Chair: Oded Galor, Brown University and Hebrew University

Ngo Van Long* and Hassan Benchekroun, University of Montreal: " Knowledge Spillover, Infant Industry , and Quota"
Amy Glass*, Ohio State University, and Kamal Saggi, Southern Methodist University: "Licencing versus Direct Investment: Implications for Economic Growth"

10.10-10.20 - Coffee break

10.20-12.05 - Session 7

Chair: Pasquale M. Sgro, School of Economics, Deakin University

Mukesh Eswaran* and Ashok Kotwal, University of British Columbia: " The Role of the Service Sector in the Process of Industrialization"
Charles Ka Yui Leung* and Yi Tse Chung, University of Hong Kong: "Tax on Capital Equipment, Trade Restrictions and Technology Adoption"
Edgar Wilson, University of Wollongong: "Endogeneity, Knowledge and Dynamics of Long Run Capitalist Economic Growth"

12.05-13.20 - Lunch

13.20-16.15 - Session 8:

Chair: Fabrizio Onida, Universita' Bocconi and ICE

Alvaro Aguiar* and Oscar Afonso, University of Porto: "Accounting for the Contribution on External Trade to the Economic Growth of 14 OECD Countries, 1960-1990"
Giuseppe Celi, University of Bari and University of Sussex: "The Impact of International Trade on Labour Markets and Growth. The Case of OPT between European Union and Central Eastern Countries"
Carmela Martin* and F. J. Velazquez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and FUNCAS: "Determinants of Net Trade Flows in the OECD. New Evidence with a Closer Look at the Case of the Former Communist Countries"
Daniel Piazolo, Kiel Institute of World Economics: "Welfare Effects versus Income Effects of Poland’s Integration into the European Union"
Jesus Santamaria Fidalgo* and Julio Herrera Revuelta, University of Valladolid: "The External Constraint to the Economic Growth in Four Types of Countries in the World Economy, European Union, Mediterranean Countries, very External Indebted PVD, and Asian Dragons"

16.15-16.30 - Coffee break

16.30-17.40 - Session 9:

Chair: Alan Deardorff, University of Michigan

Rainer Klump, University of Ulm: "Trade and Dynamics in a Monetary Growth Model with and without Endogenous Labor Supply"
Mariassunta Giannetti, Bank of Italy: "Financial Development, Skill Premia and Technological Choices"


17.50 - Drinks

- Concluding Remarks
Trade, Finance, Specialization and Economic Policy.
EU and Eastern Europe.
: Technology, Industrial Structure and Economic Development.
Knowledge, FDI and Oligopolistic Markets.
: Factor Mobility and Taxation.
: North-South Trade and Growth.
: Macrodynamics, Endogenous Growth and Factor Accumulation.
: International Trade, Market Structure and Industrial Policy.
- Opening Remarks (CIDEI, CBS)