An International Conference

Denmark, August 15 - 17, 1996


August 15, 1996

Welcome Reception (evening)

August 16, 1996

Session I: Basic Issues of Dynamic Analysis, Growth and Trade

"Endogenous Growth and International Trade: A Survey"
Ngo Van Long and Kar-yiu Wong
Discussant: Alan V. Deardorff

"Public and Private Capital in an Endogenously Growing Open Economy"
Stephen J. Turnovsky
Discussant: Alasdair Smith

"International Comparisons of Efficiency and Productivity in a Dynamic Activity Analysis Framework"
Rolf Fre and Shawna Grosskopf
Discussant: William A. Barnett

Session II: Factor Accumulation, Diversification and Trade Patterns

"The Structure and General Equilibrium Dynamics of Basic Trade Models for Growing Economies"
Bjarne S. Jensen and Chunyan Wang
Discussant: Giancarlo Gandolfo

"Endogenous Growth, Trade, and Specialization under Variable Returns to Scale: The Case of A Small Open Economy"
Ngo Van Long, Kazuo Nishimura and Koji Shimomura
Discussant: Peter Skott

"Trade and Growth with Human and Physical Capital Accumulation"
Eric Bond, Kathleen Trask and Ping Wang
Discussant: Marcelo Bianconi

August 17, 1996

Session III: Growth, R&D, Human Capital, and Trade

"Trade Patterns in a Two-Sector Overlapping-Generations World"
Oded Galor and Shoukang Lin
Discussant: Leonard Cheng

"Interpreting East Asian Growth"
Pham Hoang Van and Henry Y. Wan, Jr.
Discussant: Bo Sderstern

Session IV: Growth and International Factor Mobility

"Endogenous Growth and International Labor Migration: The Case of A Small, Emigration Country"
Kar-yiu Wong
Discussant: Philip Levy

"Dynamics of Immigration Control"
Slobodan Djajic
Discussant: Ian Wooton

"The Human Capital Dimension to Direct Foreign Investment: Attracting and Producing New Technology"
Theo Eicher and Pantelis Kalaitzidakis
Discussant: Jan I. Haaland

Session V: General Discussion: What Has the Literature Achieved and What Can Be Done Next?

Conference Dinner: Kronborg Castle